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Promote And Earn

Promote Yourself and Earn Some Money!

Posting about your food and the good work that you do on Social Media can help you in three ways!

  1. Increase the number of orders you receive
  2. Establish your brand as a home chef
  3. Earn Rs. 20 from FoodCloud for each post that you make!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. To get paid for your post, you must submit a verifiable link of an ORIGINAL POST to FoodCloud at the end of each month. If you’re posting on a closed group, a screenshot is essential.
  2. The post can be made on:
    1. A Facebook group or page which has more than 500 people.
    2. On your personal Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile
  3. The post must include a clickable link to your FoodCloud profile. It must also include the hashtag #HappinessIsHomemade
  4. Your total earnings through this scheme will be capped at Rs. 1000 per month or 50 posts a month.

How it Will Work:

  1. You make the posts
  2. Submit the links of your posts made in the last month via emails at by 3rd of each month.
  3. Our team will verify each post
  4. An email announcing your earnings for the month will be sent by the 20th of the month.
  5. The payment for the same will be made in the subsequent payment cycle.

Suggested Groups / Pages

  1. Food Talk India
  2. EatTreat
  3. Gurgaon Food Freak
  4. Noida Foodies
  5. Delhi Foodies – We live to EAT.
  6. Foodies
  7. KindlyCook
  8. Put me in touch – DELHI
  9. Home Chef Association of India (HCAI).
  10. Kolkata Foodies