Why you should switch to Goat Milk and where to find it in Delhi!

Food in India is very heavily dependent on dairy. Milk, ghee, curd, paneer are crucial to almost all regional cuisines! While North India sustains on buffalo milk, Southern India lives on Cow Milk.   But as we know, an increasing number of people are suffering from lactose intolerance; and even if they’re not intolerant, they are experiencing difficulty in digesting this milk.   Reasons for this are varied. There is a mismatch between demand and supply, often leading to adulteration of milk. Cows and buffalos are injected with growth and other hormones to increase milk yield. And often, fodder given … Continue reading

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Keto Friendly Food, Now on FoodCloud!

The Keto diet feels like a miracle diet! We all know that fat is a key component that gives food it’s flavour and when your nutritionist starts prescribing high fat food, it’s feels almost unreal! High fat, adequate protein, no carbohydrates. This is the keto formula that apparently turns your body into a fat burning machine, helping you get into the best shape of your life! But when you start following a diet like this, you have to be dedicated to the cause and plan your food much in advance! This is a pain point for anyone who is less … Continue reading

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foodcloud.in launches iOS app

With the aim of supporting the growing trend of homepreneurs, FoodCloud aggregates home chefs, most of whom are women, and enables them to earn a livelihood from the comfort of their home. For customers, FoodCloud is the only place where they can order delicious homemade food that is fresh and tastes authentic. Our chefs serve more than 35 different cuisines in Delhi NCR and Kolkata. The success of the web platform and customer feedback prompted the team to release an iOS app to help customers access delicious food with greater ease! When hunger strikes, customers usually have three options; eating … Continue reading

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Planning your Rakhi #feast? Choose from these options!

The biggest advantage of FoodCloud and our home chefs is that we’ve got something for everyone!   Chef Spicy Herbs is based in Malviya Nagar, the heart of South Delhi, and specialises in interesting salads, dips and crepes. Perfect for siblings who are looking to have a clean and healthy feast, even on Rakhi!   Chef Hong Kong Kitchen is in New Friends Colony and as their name suggests, makes delicious Chinese Food that is sure to knock your brother’s socks off! From crowd pleasers like the Manchurian to authentic flavours like Mapo Tofu and Black Bean Sauce. You will not get better homemade … Continue reading

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FoodCloud gets into EO’s Accelerator Program!

With our sight set on $1 million in annual revenue, FoodCloud is excited to announce that we have been accepted into Entrepreneur’s Organisation’s prestigious accelerator program. The program aims to equip promising start ups with the necessary tools to grow at a rapid pace and multiply their revenue to the coveted $1 million mark. EO has clearly set the tone for the coming year with Thomas Edison’s famous quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. “Apart from our traction, our positive impact on women entrepreneurs who are looking to make a career from within their homes, makes us an … Continue reading

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Unique on FoodCloud!

We have all come across a dozen types of pastas from a dozen different restaurants but let’s face it, we’re all looking for something different now and then. FoodCloud understands your need for a change in life. That’s why, we strive to bring you a unique dishes that you can’t find elsewhere. Our home chefs everywhere are trying to come up with something different for you, still keeping it homemade style. Try out these new things and give your mundane life, a little change for a while.   1.  Goat milk: While being good for your skin, you actually lose … Continue reading

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FoodCloud’s Bewajah Sale is here with huge discounts!

You don’t always need a reason to have fun and great food. FoodCloud understands your Bewajah fun and food needs. That’s why, we bring to the BEWAJAH SALE. You get to choose from 30 different cuisines by 45 different chefs with 45 different offers, giving up to 40% OFF.   Explore these menus and order what you like the most.   If you’re someone who like to eat spicy food, you must get your hands on this chilli garlic paste. It’s the spiciest paste you’ll ever have and it can turn any bland dish into a fiery one. Plus, if … Continue reading

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How Ruby Pathak, a housewife, turned her passion into her career!

Our last week’s Chef of the Week for Kolkata, was Ruby Pathak. We had a little conversation with her asking about her journey as a FoodCloud home chef. She is an inspiration for all of us and all the other women out there who are trying to follow their passion. Read on and find out how Ruby Pathak created Tasty Fusion and how FoodCloud helped her in her journey.   1) Describe your journey of being a FoodCloud Chef ? I, Ruby Pathak, owner of Tasty Fusion, have dreamt of owning a restaurant for decades. As someone who is passionate … Continue reading

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Indian dishes you never thought were Keto pro

  Has it been a dream to be able to keep eating fattening food and still not get fat? We have an answer to your dream: KETOGENIC diet. Long story short, keto diet helps reduce fat while you’re taking in fats. How? Instead of the carbs burning your fat, this diet will force your body to burn the fat. You just need to make sure your carbs intake is minimal. Check out the list below to know what you can definitely eat:   Fats and protein from meat Above ground vegetables Dairy but not milk Almond and macadamia nuts Avocado … Continue reading

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We all love to eat mangoes, but let’s face it, it does get boring sometimes. How often have you wanted to have mango in a different way but don’t know how to make it? We’ve all been there. That’s why, we’ve tried and tested a few recipes and selected our top two favorites. We made sure they’re easy to make, healthy and not time taking at all. Check them out.     1. Mango and coconut smoothie: In a blender, add coconut milk, honey, fresh mint and a cut up mango. After it’s blended, add ice and enjoy your smoothie. … Continue reading

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