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Questions Customers Ask

How to place an order?

Ordering on FoodCloud is super simple. Start with entering your location to narrow down the search to chefs near you. Enter dish, cuisine or chef name in search box or sort through your options using the filters in the left column. Add dishes to cart and check out!

How can we do the payment? What all payment modes do you have?

You can pay COD or using your debit card or credit card! In special cases, we can share our account details and even accept online transfers.

How do we assure quality?

The first thing we do is taste a potential chef’s food for hygiene, quality of ingredients and packing. Once it is approved, our team dedicates time on training chefs, educating them about food grade packaging, hygiene protocols as well best practices. Apart from this, we have a 14 point tracking system that monitors the performance of each chef and negative reviews regarding quality can result in chefs being removed from the platform!

What are the delivery timings & charges associated with it?

FoodCloud delivered from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Sometimes, very rarely, we are unable to deliver on special occasions and festivals. In such cases, the you will not be able to choose the said day for delivery on our website or app. We provide free delivery up till a certain point and charge on a pro-rate basis thereafter. These charges differ from city to city.

By when can I expect my refund?

If we had it our way, you would get your refund the day it is sanctioned. However, we can refund your payment only as soon as the payment gateway / wallet permits, or as soon as the COD is received by the accounts department!


Questions Chefs Ask

How to register on What is the process and steps involved?

Registering on FoodCloud is as simple as making your profile here, scheduling a food tasting with the help of our team and upon approval of your food, signing a contract. We have entire team dedicated to ensuring that this process is a seamless one for you!

Do you charge anything for registration?

Signing up on FoodCloud is free of cost! We do charge for our services but only once you get an order!

What would be the payment procedure?

When FoodCloud collects payments on your behalf, either through COD or online, we need at least 30 days to process your payments from the date of delivery of order. It takes time for us to collect the payments from our different agencies!

How many orders can we get in a day or a week? 

It’s hard to predict how many orders you receive. FoodCloud works hard to promote all our chefs equally but we’ve seen that some get more orders than others. Overall, simple market dynamics apply!

How to upload the menu & pictures?

At the time of your tasting, the FoodCloud team will share a format in which you should make your menu. Uploading your menu becomes really easy when you are organized and the team is on standby to help you at all points.

How can we get maximum orders?

Put up amazing pictures, keep your prices low, keep your minimum orders low, promote yourself on social media and get your friends and customers to review your food on your FoodCloud profile!